Saturday, 4 January 2014

Nail Polish Picks

Here in England we are in the middle of a cold winter, and it is hard to dress nicely and keep warm at the same time if you are going out somewhere like to town. Nail polish is a good way to spice up an outfit and make it look cute. Today I am going to be sharing with you my top nail polish picks for the winter time.

1. Sinful colors - Nirvana
The colour of this nail polish is a brown colour and is quite natural, it looks lovely on your nails and lasts for such a long time! This nail polish is great for autumn too. I like this nail polish for winter because it isn't too dark and it goes well with most wintery colours.

2. H&M - Come Rain
This colour is a shimmery, glittery silver and it looks amazing on your nails. The glitter isn't too bright either when it is on the nail. I love this nail polish because it reminds me of glittering snow and that is what you expect to see in winter, isn't it?

3. Miss Sporty - Sparkle Touch 889
This nail polish is a glittery pinky, purpley, red. It reminds me of winter because of the shimmer, but also the colour reminds me of Christmas. In my house we often have Christmas crackers in the colour above and it is a berry sort of colour.

4. NYC - Manhattan 
This is also a berry coloured nail polish, the same as the miss sporty colour - in fact it is a perfect match and the the miss sporty nail polish looks amazing on top of it. The nail polish looks absolutely amazing on its own too, but if there is too much on the brush it looks a mess due to it being such a dark colour.

5. Miss Sporty - Blue Bath 456
This colour is a lot brighter than all the others but I love it so much during winter. The colour reminds me of the cartoon snowflakes you see around. The colour also reminds me of when the sun catches the snow and a baby blue colour is let off.

I would definitely recommend any of these nail polishes if you are looking for new ones to try out. They are all cheap and can be found in mainly a drug store, like boots or superdrug.

What are your favourite nail polishes? 

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  1. I love Sinful colours nail polish! Such a bargain for £1.99 xx

    Amy |